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5 biological experiments to do at home

1. Homemade extraction of your own DNA Ingredients: transparent glass, salt, liquid soap, grapefruit juice, and alcohol (e.g. disinfectant, rum, vodka, etc.). The first step consists of spitting on the glass and adding a pinch of salt to it. Then, … Seguir leyendo

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Can you get ice colder than 0 celsius degrees?

The answer is YES! If you take water and freeze it in the freezer, it will turn into ice and have a temperature around 0C. But if you then add acetone, the temperature can go DOWN to -15C. Why does … Seguir leyendo

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Why not cultivate the bacteria and fungi that are growing on your mobile? On a previous post I described how you can cultivate the bacteria that grow on your hand, in order to obtain your “own  bacterial print”. Recently I … Seguir leyendo

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How to prepare a homemade culture medium:

Bacteria are the most used organisms for studying the proteome and the genome. Once, understood on this organisms ( since they are easy to grow up, relatively cheap and they multiply rapidly), thanks to informatics tools it is possible to … Seguir leyendo

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